Our Mission

Our mission is to drive comprehensive systems change in medical-dental integration to deliver value-based equitable care for all.

We envision a future in which universal access to oral health is delivered in an integral part of whole-person, patient-centered care and linked to the social determinants of health; in which rigorous science and a commitment to equity drive how we educate our workforce and deliver care; and in which a paradigm shift has normalized integrated healthcare among patients, providers, consumers, industry, government, and the public.

Case for Integration

Studies indicate that including dental benefits within primary care coverage will increase wellness and reduce overall healthcare costs.

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The HSDM Initiative to Integrate Oral Health and Medicine convenes academics, healthcare, public health, and business leaders who advocate for the integration of oral health and primary care — a core mission of HSDM. Activities include research, demonstration projects, policy statements, conferences and seminars. Our recent accomplishments.