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    Transforming Dentistry Through full Health Care Integration


Our vision is to fully integrate oral health into health care education, delivery and financing. We aim to improve wellness, remove barriers to coverage, and lower costs by advocating for early detection, patient education, and preventative self-care.



The Harvard School of Dental Medicine Initiative to Integrate Oral Health and Medicine emerged from the 2014 HSDM Leadership Forum, which focused on the economic imperative of oral health. The Initiative convenes academics and health care industry leaders to develop innovative ideas for new models that consider the perspectives of educators, patients, care providers, policy makers and insurers. The Initiative Board, whose members are industry experts and Harvard faculty, provides informed guidance.


  • Foster discussion, guide public policy, and advocate for integrating oral health and primary care.

  • Provide interdisciplinary connections among Harvard faculty, students, industry leaders and other higher education institutes to shape recommendations on oral health and primary care integration with an eye toward effectiveness.

  • Collaborate with national, state, and local partners to identify and develop innovative strategies for improving oral and systemic health outcomes.

  • Provide scholarly review of all clinical and epidemiological data regarding oral and systemic health.

Research & Demonstration Projects

At the Initiative's core is engagement in research and demonstration projects that explore new models of education, training and practice. Other projects measure outcomes and explore financial models that will demonstrate the value of integration. Additional activities include policy statements, conferences and seminars.


lqThe Harvard School of Dental Medicine’s unique position within Harvard University and the Longwood Medical area provides many opportunities for interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary learning and discovery. We have created an academic center, the Initiative for the Integration of Oral Health and Medicine, in which education, research, and patient care occur simultaneously—each informing and improving the others. The Initiative has the goal of making oral health care affordable, evidence based and patient centered.rq

— Dr. Bruce Donoff, Dean and Walter C. Guralnick Distinguished Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery